How To: Field dress a deer while hunting

Field dress a deer while hunting

Find out a better way to get more quality cuts from the deer that you harvested by watching this how-to video. This instructional video will steer you to the best way of deboning and packaging your meat for the freezer. Watch and learn how to field dress a deer, without the inconvenience of ending the hunt. Let's go slaughter some more deer!

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excellent video

sorry i couldn't get it to play

Excellent video!! I am a 46 yr old female who hunted for the first time in fall 2008. Me and my partner used this method to gut our deer. Had a little problem with the anal area, but amazing results considering that we didn't have a decent hunting knife and I ended up gutting the deer using my painter's Olfa knife! Great job on the video!

Very Nice.. Beatuiful Work! I thought I did It the easy way.... Thanks Guys..

could've done that a lil better man u shud just cut all the way through the legs completly and u wont be getting that poo comming out in the deer and u wont have to pull at all. otherwise good job man

Good job.Whatcha got for skinnin and processin?

could not get it to play!!!!!

Great video. Now lets just hope I get to use what I have learned this year.

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