How To: Mount deer antlers

Mount deer antlers

This video is fantastic and very detailed on how to mount deer antlers. He carves the antlers off a deer head, then boils them to remove the meat, finally he mounts them on a piece of wood. For this professional taxidermy tutorial you may need a hack saw. Oh also, you need a deer head.

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NEVER BOIL ANTLERS! Boiling removes the natural tannic acid from the tree bark that bucks used to remove their velvet. Tannic acid gives the antlers color and depth. You will end up with white antlers...natural are more attractive and natural.

NEVER MOUNT ANTLERS! I tried once and once I'd recovered I vowed, now matter how horny I get, mounting antlers is just too far - I now just keep to what I know which is mounting my left hand whilst vigourosly cracking one off with my right hand - it's much more hygenic and doesn't necessitate the need for a Deer's head.

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