How To: Do a tending grunt sequence when dear hunting

Do a tending grunt sequence when dear hunting

Peter Fiduccia from Field and Stream explains how to use the tending grunt sequence when hunting deer. The tending grunt is a grunt made by a buck when following a doe. The grunt is made in order to let the doe know that he wants to breed. The key to making the call is to be soft. Bucks don't make this call with aggression or loudly. The first step is to take the call and cup your hand around the end. Blow gently into the call. For more resonance in the call, grab the call with both hands at the end, but still leave an opening. Two or three calls should be sufficient to get the buck's attention. This is a tough call because the buck will already be pursuing a doe and it is unlikely that the buck will let the doe move away without him following. The call must be done realistically by keeping it soft and low. The buck should be able to hear this call from 75-100 yards away.

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