How To: Bait and catch a squirrel

Bait and catch a squirrel

You can find a humane squirrel and rodent trap at most all-purpose stores, this video recommends Home Depot and will cost about thirty-five dollars. To bait it you will need some peanut butter and crackers. Take out four crackers and break them in half. Spread some peanut butter on one side of each piece. In the middle of the trap there is a trigger that is raised when active. Place two pieces of the cracker behind the trigger deep in the cage. Next place two pieces upside down on the trigger so they stick. Now position the remaining crackers and peanut butter in the front part of the cage. Finally smear some peanut butter on the front of the cage to lure them in. Find a place to set the trap by a tree and crush up one more cracker. Sprinkle it around the front of the opening and wait.

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